Porcelanosa Park Lineal Gris wall tile 25×44.3

This Porcelanosa Park Gris Lineal wall tile has a 3d textured finish which is created by raising the face of the tile in a grooved [lined] effect and is Simply stunning either on its own or in conjunction with the Park Gris tile as shown in the images. Both are available from Tiles2go. Also available in floor tile 44.3×44.3 from tiles2go to create your stunning new bathroom.

Please call 01772 311113 for price.
Tips for cutting this tile
You will require a score and snap cutter, I recommend a Rubi TS 50 cutter or equivalent.
Mark your tile carefully using a pencil or felt tip pen were the tile requires cutting, place the tile on to the tile cutter with the pencil mark in line with the cutting line.
Score the tile by pushing the cutting wheel over the surface of the tile [do not press on to hard] you can repeat it will not harm the finished cut, then use the breaking mechanism to snap the tile.