Textured tiles for shower enclosures

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When it comes to bathroom tiling, plain white, high gloss tiles are frequently selected for their clean appearance and simple design. But an increasing number of homes are making use of interesting tiling layouts, patterned tiles, or even textured tiles in the bathroom to bring character and style. And one of the big predicted bathroom tiling trends of 2020 is the increased use of textured tiles. These can be a great addition to shower enclosures, as well as bathroom walls. But what are the considerations when using textured tiles for shower enclosures? Well, here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about textured tiles in the bathroom.

Using textured tiles for shower enclosures

Textured tiles are tiles that have a 3D effect. To make the most of this effect in a shower enclosure, you could consider:

  • Using textured rectangular tiles, positioned width-ways. This draws the eye right along the tile, and can increase the sens of space and width in your shower enclosure.
  • Combining textured tiles and plain tiles. This is a great way to create visual contrast in your shower enclosure, drawing attention and creating a visually attractive feature area.
  • Choose light colours. If your bathroom is small, one of the best features of textured tiles is the light and neutral tones. These can reflect the light, and create a sense of increased space.

What are the advantages of textured tiles for shower enclosures?

Textured tiles can bring a range of advantages to any bathroom, including the shower enclosure space. These benefits include:

  • Suit all bathroom styles- textured tiles, particularly those that mimic natural materials, can be very effective in both contemporary and traditional bathrooms.
  • Create a stunning visual feature- textured tiles can transform your shower enclosure into a stunning visual feature that grabs attention and defines your bathroom.

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