Tools required for wall tiling

The tools you will require for wall tiling are as follows:

1.Spirit level 120cm in length or similar.
2.Pencil or felt tip pen.
4.Cordless screw driver or set of standard screw drivers [to remove items fixed to the wall ,WHB , W/C etc.] 5.Ajustable spanner [to remove taps , rad or towel rail] 6.6 mm notched trowel.
7.Bucket trowel or gauger.
8.Tile cutter[make sure the cutter is large enough to cut the tile i.e. if the tile is 600 long the cutter most be a minimum of 610.].
9.Tile nippers.
10.100 mm angle grinder with a diamond blade or a flat bed wet cutter with a diamond wheel [for awkward cutting.] 11.Hack saw.
12.Mitre block.
13.Bucket and good quality sponge.
14.Grouting trowel.
15.Silicone sealant gun [frame]

PPE required
3.Ear defenders.
4.Dust mask.