3 Top Tile ideas

a modern tiled wetroom

Hygienic and easy to clean, tiles are the floor and wall covering of choice for many modern bathrooms. With a range of colours, materials and sizes, bathroom tiles offer a variety of versatile solutions for bathroom walls and floors. Here at Tiles 2 Go we know how daunting choosing the right tiles can be, and knowing where and how to combine tiles into a beautiful bathroom is even more complicated. This guide will outline some bathroom tile choices to turn your bathroom vision into a reality.

Shower cubicles or quadrants

Using tiles in a contrasting colour within the shower cubicle or quadrant can really help to provide a focal point for the entire bathroom. A white bathroom for example with glossy black or pebble grey tiles within the cubicle itself can really bring a dull bathroom to life. This is also the case if you use a different style of tile texture to border the shower or to run through the centre for example. The texture will break up the clean smooth finish of the bathroom as a whole to add an interesting aesthetic appeal.

Floor tiles

Floor tiles needn’t be boring or dull, although they do need to be more hard wearing and resilient than wall tiles. Floor tiles need to be able to handle the regular foot fall within the room without chipping or scuffing so there are some practical decisions to be made in regards to choosing the right floor tiles for a bathroom. However, floor tiles do come in a range of colours, sizes and shapes to help make your bathroom more interesting and dynamic. You could for example have a mosaic floor, made from small, coloured floor tiles, or use an unusual shape such as a hexagon instead of a rectangle. In addition, floor tiles with a range of designs can be used and it is possible to purchase floor tiles that are made to look exactly like wooden flooring. This can help make your bathroom feel warmer and create a stunning visual effect.


Choosing a variety of colours within a colour scheme can really make your bathroom a WOW room. However, the colour scheme should always be focused on the requirements of the user. For example, if you are planning to rent or sell the property, neutral or plain traditional colours may help to promote your bathroom as a blank canvas. If the property is your own, you should develop the colour scheme based on your own taste and style, and to suit the rest of your home.

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