Tiling your kitchen can be a challenge. From choosing the right colour and style, to designing and creating a tiling feature, there is a lot to think about when it comes to kitchen tiling. The splashback zone is one area that is frequently tiled creatively, to create an area of visual interest. And one way to achieve this in any kitchen, traditional or contemporary, is with grid tiling. So what is this, and how can it help you create a tiling feature? Well, here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling professionals. And this is our guide to the advantages of grid tiling for your kitchen splashback

Advantages of grid tiling for your kitchen splashback

So, why should you opt for grid tiling for your kitchen splashback? Well, even though grid tiling might be seen as boring or bland, it all depends on the type of tiles you choose, and the design style you opt for. In fact, grid tiling for your splashback feature can bring a range of advantages, including:

  • Simple and subtle- if you use grid tiling across your kitchen, this can help to create a blank canvas. And extending this to the splashback zone is an easier option. This means you can create a more subtle tiling feature, relying on a change of colour or texture to create the area of contrast necessary for a visual interest.
  • Stand out- on the contrary, if you want your grid tiling around the splashback area to stand out, you could choose a bold, bright tiling colour that works well with the rest of the design scheme. Or you could opt for patterned tiles. This means that the tiling feature will be bold and visual, all across the kitchen.
  • Timeless- grid tiling can be a timeless tiling feature. This means that you wont need to change your tiles with the trends, or even when you get a new kitchen. Combinations like black and white, and even grid tiling with contrasting grout can help you create a timeless visual feature.

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