Advantages of hexagonal hallway tiling


The hallway is the entrance to the home, and as such, its the place that really gives your guests an impression of the property, and it’s residence. But it’s also the space for muddy boots and wet coats. So when thinking about hallway decor, tiling can be a really good idea, for both floors and walls. But choosing the right tiling layout might not as easy as you might think. In fact, the tiling layout you can choose has a big effect on the visual impact a space makes. That’s why, here at Tiles 2 Go, we think that hexagonal tiling is a great option. But why? Well, this is our guide to the advantages of hexagonal hallway tiling.

Advantages of hexagonal hallway tiling

Hexagonal tiling is is simply the tiling layout or pattern that is created when you tile with hexagonal tiles. The tiles tessellate together perfectly, to form a honeycomb pattern. There are many reasons why you should choose hexagonal hallway tiling. And these include:

  • Style- hexagonal tiles are a stylish addition to any hallway, with any style or design theme. From Victorian period properties, to the most contemporary homes, hexagonal tiles can be a great choice.
  • Subtle- hexagonal tiling can add subtle style to a space. By using very small grout lines, and the same colour grout, you can create a floor or wall that is a blank canvas, allowing the attention to be directed to other features in the hallway.
  • Bold- on the other hand, you could use a contrasting grout colour to make the hexagonal pattern really stand out. So a hexagonal tiling layout can easily become tiling feature, adding character and personality to any hallway.
  • Natural effect- hexagonal tiles in a timber or natural stone effect can be very stylish and visually attractive. The unusual shape attracts attention, and the natural effect is very visually interesting.

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