Advantages of marble effect tiles

Marble is synonymous with luxury, class and elegance. From luxury spa retreats, to 5 star hotels, marble will be found throughout. But marble itself is very expensive. And not at all practical. In fact, it will need to be sealed very regularly, otherwise it will not remain impervious to water, and will instead absorb water. But if you want to create the same effect, without the hassle, you should think about marble effect tiles. These tiles are equally as attractive as solid marble, but have a range of practical advantages. And here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. So we understand that quality and style, has to be considered equally with practicality. As a result, we have produced this guide to the advantages of marble effect tiles.


One of the biggest advantages of marble effect tiles is the quality of the tile. Marble effect tiles are designed to look and feel exactly like real marble. So you will never tell the difference. And neither will your guests or visitors. As a result, marble effect tiles are perfect for creating a bathroom, or kitchen, with a truly luxurious feel. However, instead of having a high maintenance material, your marble effect tiles can be treated like any other tile. With no special sealant or maintenance required.

Colour range

Marble effect tiles are designed to look exactly like marble tiles. Which means that they are available in all the same colour ranges. And these colours can really suit a neutral, or natural, background, in either contemporary, or traditional environments.

Stand out

If you opt for marble effect tiles, or a marble feature wall, the tiles can really make a stunning visual statement. This is especially true when paired with simple or plain fittings and backdrops. As a result, you can create a splash-back or dramatic floor that really stands out.

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