Advantages of tiled bathroom splashbacks

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The space behind and around your bathroom sink, and also around your shower, is known as a splashback zone. This is because it is the area that will be most effected by water being splashed from the taps. Tiling these spaces, in both the bathroom and the kitchen, is a sensible idea, due to the waterproof nature of tiles. And you can even turn this area of tiling into a stunning feature. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to the advantages of tiled bathroom splashbacks.

Advantages of tiled bathroom splashbacks

There are many advantages of tiled bathroom splashbacks, and these include:

  • hygienic
  • stylish
  • colourful


Tiled bathroom splashbacks are one of the most hygienic options to cover this part of your bathroom wall. This is because, the tiles can easily be wiped clean, removing any soap build up or shower gel that might be splashed onto the surface accidentally. Any mould or limescale can also be removed from the tiles easily, with little effort. As a result, you’re bathroom will stay clean and hygienic.


Tiled splashback areas can be a great place to experiment with your tiles so that you can really leave your mark on the room and decor. And because these areas will be tiled differently to the rest of the room, the tiled splashback can really become a stylish feature. You should consider the style of the room, contemporary or traditional, when choosing tiles for this role. But don’t be afraid to be creative. Tiling patterns and unusual tile shapes can really transform your bathroom.


Bold, bright or contrasting, coloured tiles add an extra depth to your bathroom. The perfect opportunity to express your individuality, coloured splashback areas make for fantastic features in any bathroom. Coloured tiles vary from bright to pastel, and patterned to plain, but all can be used, depending on the design as a whole.

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