When it comes to tiling, most home owners and property developers think of the kitchen, bathroom, hallway or conservatory. But tiles can be used effectively throughout the home, in all rooms. This includes the living room. But what are the advantages of tiles for living room flooring? And how can you make sure your living room floor tiles are effective? Well,¬†here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling professionals. And this is our guide to everything you should know about tiling the living room floor.

What are the advantages of tiles for living room flooring?

There are many benefits to using tiles for the living room floor. These include:

  • Low maintenance- tiles are a low maintenance flooring option that will not need to be treated or sealed additionally, and will not require extensive cleaning to stay looking fresh. When this is compared to hardwood flooring or stone floors, tiles can be the easiest option.
  • Durability- tiles are incredibly hard wearing and durable. So in comparison to other living room flooring options like lino and carpet, you can expect living room floor tiles to last for longer, without sustaining damage. And if they do become damaged, you can simply change the damaged tiles with ease, without needing to replace the entire flooring.
  • Underfloor heating- tiles are the perfect flooring option if you want to add underfloor heating to your home. Tiles can insulate and conduct the heat more efficiently, so you can heat your home with eco friendly, underfloor heating.
  • Stylish- from traditional to contemporary homes, tiles can be used to complement any style or design theme. Contemporary living rooms can be tiled effectively with timber effect floor tiles, as well as stone effect floor tiles, while traditional living rooms can be tiled with stunning checkerboard tiling, and patterned tiles.

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