Bathroom mosaics

Mosaic tiles have been setting trends in bathroom design for centuries. From the Romans to the Victorians, to modern contemporary design, mosaics are a great statement piece that can really stand out. Here at Tiles 2 Go we are always on top of the latest developments in tile applications, and with mosaics this is no different. Here is our guide to contemporary bathroom mosaics.


Choose colours for bathroom mosaics that compliment the rest of the colour scheme for a natural finish and a tile feature that draws the eye to an unusual design or image.

Alternatively, you can use colours that contrast with the colour scheme such as grey and black mosaic tiles in an otherwise white bathroom suite, or vice versa.

Furthermore, you can use tiles of multiple colours, or similar colours to achieve a particular effect. For example, a sea effect could be achieved by creating a mosaic of different shades of blue and green.


Patterned tiles are popular right now. Joining many of these small, patterned tiles together to make a mosaic that can either cover the entire floor or wall, or perhaps just a small area, for example the splash back or shower enclosure, can create an exceptionally designed bathroom.

Natural effect tiles are another really popular trend, and these can be larger tiles that are made up of many smaller images of stones and pebbles so that when these are laid across the floor, wall, or tiled area, the mosaic effect is achieved. The benefit of this is that the area appears mosaiced, when actually the larger tiles mean that it is less work to achieve.


Using mosaic tiles that are interestingly shaped, such as small hexagonal tiles, can create a unique and effective tile feature either as a bathroom wall or floor covering, or within a particular area. This can be visually pleasant as the unusual shapes will break up the rectangular, smooth line approach used within other areas of the room and act as a striking contrast.

In summary

Mosaic tiles are not a thing of the past. They are used to stunning effect in many modern and contemporary bathrooms, adding a unique and personal tile feature that really stands out. Take a look at our range of mosaic tiles today, at Tiles 2 Go.