Guide to natural and coastal bathroom tiling themes

When it comes to bathroom tiling, we are the experts here at Tiles 2 Go. With more than 25 years of experience, we can safely say that we have witnessed a lot of bathroom tiling themes. Some of them moved on pretty swiftly, but some are still as popular today. So, what are the popular bathroom tiling themes, and how can you create them? Well, this is our guide to the natural and coastal bathroom tiling themes.

guide to the natural and coastal bathroom tiling themes

Natural themed tiling

The first stage on our guide to the natural and coastal bathroom tiling themes, is natural themed tiling. Blending natural timber and stone effect tiles has long been popular in bathrooms. From spas and hotels across the UK, and worldwide, natural tiling themes are neutral and relaxing. This makes them perfect for bathrooms.

To create the perfect natural tiled theme you should begin by choosing a colour scheme. Then select stone or timber effect tiles that will complement this. From greys to browns, creams and beige’s, natural effect tiling can take on a range of colours.

Finally, you can finish it off with some natural themed accessories and complementary fittings.

Coastal or nautical themed

Another popular bathroom tiling theme is the coastal or nautical theme. This incorporates the colours and imagery of the sea or the beach. Tiling tends to be blues and greys with natural, sandy coloured floor tiles.

To create this theme in your own bathroom you could consider tiling a feature wall, or central splashback in bold sea colours to attract attention. This would be paired well with the netural sandy background colours.

Coastal accessories and features can also help to create the theme.


It doesnt matter how styles change, colour choices vary, or how much we progress, mosaics in bathrooms are still hugely popular. Although technically not a theme, its popularity as a trend has allowed it to be included on this list as an honorary member.

Using mosaic tiles in either a contemporary or traditional bathroom will differ, so make sure you:

  • consider the colour choices
  • decide on the tile shape
  • think about where you will use them

If you are ready to begin creating one of the popular bathroom tiling themes, take a look at what we have to offer today, here at Tiles 2 Go.