Benefits of kitchen tiles

Kitchens around the world have embraced tiles as the covering of choice for kitchen walls and floors, but why? There are many benefits to using both floor and wall tiles in the kitchen and here at Tiles 2 Go, we appreciate the often underrated tile, and this is our guide to the benefits of a tiled kitchen.

Wall tiles

Kitchens are a hive of activity. From cooking to cleaning, products will be used throughout the kitchen and spills are extremely likely, perhaps more so than even the bathroom. Kitchen wall tiles used in “problem areas”, as a splash back around the sink for example, can prevent staining and mold, and are easier to maintain than a plain painted wall or a wall-papered area that is likely to be ruined if used in the kitchen.

Kitchen wall tiles are also suitable for dealing with the grease that can arise from cooking and frying, and so around the oven, wall tiles are often used as a protective measure.

For anyone that has ever spilt sauce or bleach on a painted wall, you will be aware of the difficulties of cleaning this stain out of the wall, but with tiles, there would be no issue at all, although glossy wall tiles will be a lot easier to clean than matt tiles which do take some elbow grease.

Floor tiles

Flooring in kitchens is really important. Some of the chemicals you use will be corrosive to flooring like carpets or lino, while also posing a fire hazard from burning oil. However, we recognize that glossy floor tiles can pose a slip risk from liquid spills. For this reason, we advocate matt tiles for use as kitchen flooring.

The benefits of matt tiles include being visually appealing, and supporting the overall style and theme of the kitchen or home, as well as being safer and easier to clean stains from than some surfaces such as carpet.

In summary

Tiles are very beneficial in the kitchen as both floor tiles and wall tiles can keep your kitchen clean, tidy and safe. At Tiles 2 Go we have a range of tiles suitable for any kitchen. Why not take a look today?