Benefits of border tiles

Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling specialists. And we work with homeowners, and property developers across Preston and the North West, to deliver high quality tiling solutions for any home or property. From traditional tile styles, to contemporary, we offer something for everyone. Including border tiles. But why would you use border tiles in your home? And what are the benefits of border tiles?

Border tiles

Border tiles can be very effective in a range of rooms. Using a different colour, design, pattern or shape to the rest of the tiles in your room, border tiles can really stand out. They are often laid horizontally, and travel all the way around the room. Unless you have a feature wall, where the border tiles will stop. But they can also be used vertically, to travel up your wall from the floor to the ceiling. And this can also be effective too.

Benefits of border tiles

There are a range of benefits of border tiles. And these include:

  • Breaking up the plain “background” tiles- If you’ve chosen white tiles for your walls, you might find the effect is a little bland, and boring. But by injecting some character with border tiles, you can break up this block of white, and add depth to your room. This works well in contemporary styled bathrooms and kitchens, as well as traditional rooms too. Just choose tiles that match the style of your room.
  • Flexibility- adding border tiles to your room is a great way to add an extra colour to your colour palette. And the tiles can also be different to the main bulk of the tiles used. Patterned tiles, or shaped tiles for example can be used to great effect. This flexibility means that you can incorporate different features into your design.

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