Choosing new tiles for your kitchen can be a real challenge. From the colour to the style, your tiles need to match the design in the rest of the space, while also making a visual statement. But practical decisions will also be necessary to ensure that your kitchen floor is suitable for continuous use in a high risk environment. For this reason, textured tiles can be the perfect choice. They can provide both the aesthetic charm that you need, as well as bringing a range of practical benefits. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. And this is our guide to the Benefits of textured kitchen floor tiles.

Benefits of textured kitchen floor tiles

There are many benefits to choosing textured floor tiles for your kitchen, and these include:

  • Anti-slip- kitchen floors can get wet from a range of sources, including spills and leaks. While mopping these up almost immediately should be safe enough, the residue left behind on smooth tiles can be enough to cause someone to slip and fall. But textured tiles have an anti-slip effect, as the texture allows friction to be generated. This could help keep your household safe and healthy.
  • Stylish- textured tiles are available in a range of styles, colours and designs. Some are designed to look like natural tiles made from hardwood or stone, while others have a more traditional vibe. So whatever style kitchen you want to create, textured floor tiles could be a great option.
  • Visual feature- textured tiles have a 3D effect, which could help your kitchen floor become a stunning visual feature, while also adding character an depth to your kitchen design.

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