Advantages of textured tiles in a contemporary kitchen

Woodland Musk (1500x2000)

Contemporary kitchens tend to be sleek, stylish, glossy and highly practical. This means that high gloss tiles and those with incredibly contemporary designs can be a very effective tiling choice. But there is also a place for textured tiles too. So how can you use these effectively, and what are the advantages of textured tiles in a contemporary kitchen?

What are the advantages of textured tiles in a contemporary kitchen?

Textured tiles can be used throughout a contemporary kitchen, as long as you choose the right colour and style. These can be effective for both floor tiles and feature wall or splashback tiles. But what are the benefits of textured tiles in a contemporary kitchen? Well, there are several, including:

  • Practicalities- textured floor tiling in any kitchen or bathroom can be a practical, functional choice. This is because the texture of the tiles can increase friction, so even in wet or slippy conditions, you will be less likely to fall over and injure yourself.
  • Contrast- contrast, both visual and physical is an important design feature for any room. With contrasting colours and tones being the most obvious choice, contrasting physical and visual textures can bring a more subtle hint of personality and charm to your kitchen. Using textured wall tiles for a feature wall, in an otherwise smooth and high gloss kitchen for example, can be incredibly effective.
  • Adding natural effects- with stunning timber effect tiles, or stone effect tiles, adding textured tiles can also bring a hint of nature into your kitchen as well as warmth and character. This can be a great choice for contemporary kitchen floors.

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