Brick bond tiling around the home

Subway tiles are a popular tile option for many homeowners and property developers because of their versatility and flexibility when it comes to colour and design choices, and layout design. One of the layout options for subway tiling is the brick bond layout. This is involves using subway tiles laid in a brick bond pattern, with the centre of the tile above, directly over the join of the two tiles below, just like a standard brick wall. This can also be applied in a horizontal layout too. But how can you use brick bond tiling around the home? And where is this technique effective? Well, here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. We offer a range of tiles and tiling services to suit any project, and any budget. And this is our guide to everything you should know about brick bond tiling.

Using brick bond tiling around the home

Brick bond tiling can be used effectively around the home  in a number of different rooms and spaces, including:

  • The hallway- using brick bond tiling for the hallway walls can be incredibly effective. Especially if you use tiles on the lower half of the wall, to be paired with paper or paint on the upper half. You could choose colours that suit your interior design, or make a bold statement with something different, but wither way, your hallway will be stunning. And this layout is suitable for both traditional and contemporary homes alike.
  • The fireplace- brick bond tiling around the fireplace can create a stunning visual feature and be incredibly effective. Natural stone effect tiles can give the impression of exposed brick, which can be very appealing around the fireplace too.
  • The splash-back areas- in both the kitchen and the bathroom, splash-back areas are positioned to protect the wall space behind the sink from water damage. A brick bond tiling layout can be very effective in this area, especially for creating a feature.

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