How to choose the perfect tile

a modern tiled wetroom

Choosing tiles is never easy, especially if more than one person is involved in the decision making. If you are renovating or redecorating your existing home, involved in property and hoping to sell for a high price, or are simply bored with your same old fireplace, bathroom or kitchen, or conservatory, new tiles are a must. Here at Tiles 2 Go we have some tips to help you choose the perfect tiles.


The size of the tiles used depends on the situation you want to use them for. Small tiles in a small bathroom can make the space feel even smaller, and so as someone hoping to sell the property, this wouldn’t be a good investment. Larger tiles can lead to a feeling of increased space within a smaller area, but larger tiles around a fireplace or another decorative feature would probably look out of place. Of course, personal taste is the final factor, but deciding on a sensible size of tile can help you limit your choices.


There is a time and a place for patterned tiles and of course, the different styles of pattern will fit perfectly in different homes and different environments. A rustic kitchen can really be brought to life with a textured patterned tile, but this would look out of place in a contemporary minimalist kitchen, where the emphasis is on smooth and flat finishes. This leads perfectly onto the next point.


The type of tile you choose will depend heavily on not only your own style, but the style of the environment you are working with or wanting to create. Modern style tiles in glossy black can really bring a kitchen to life, but only if they are matched with a modern kitchen and appliances that are similar in style. This also applies outside.

If you are trying to improve your curb appeal by using terracotta or porcelain tiles outside, these need to match the style and feel of your outdoor space.

In summary, the size, pattern and shape of your selected tiles need to reflect the space they will be utilized in.