Design decisions for hallway floor tiles

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Hallway floor tiling is a decorative feature that can define your entire home. From the most traditional to the most contemporary of homes, hallway tiling can transform the space and welcome your visitors. But choosing the right type of tiles for your hallway can be a challenge. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to help you choose the right hallway floor tiles.

What are the important design decisions for hallway floor tiles?

There are a number of important design decisions to consider when choosing tiles for the hallway flooring. These include:

  • Choosing patterned or plain tiles
  • The tiling layout
  • The tile colours

Patterned or plain tiles for hallway flooring

Choosing between patterned tiles and plain tiles for your hallway floor tiling is a big decision. While patterned tiles can suit both a contemporary and a traditional home, they can contrast with any other decor you include in your hallway. For this reason, patterned tiles will need to be the main focus of your hallway. In contrast, plain tiles can be used to compliment any other aspects of the hallway, and will be more understated. For period properties, stunning Victorian patterned tiles can be an effective choice, while for contemporary homes, geometric patterns are key.

The tiling layout for hallway floor tiling

From continuous effect tiling using large format tiles and very few, very narrow grout lines, to herringbone tiling or grid tiling, there are a wide range of tiling layouts to choose from. And if you want to abandon a strict tiling layout completely, modular tiles can be a great option. Choose a tiling layout that compliments your space and design choices.

Colour or monochrome tiles for hallway floor tiling

The final decision when it comes to choosing hallway tiles, is to opt for coloured tiles or monochrome tiles. While bright colours can look cheerful and brighten up your home, monochrome tiles can add a sophisticated touch to your hallway.

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