Choosing patterned tiles for outdoor spaces

When it comes to designing outdoor spaces, one often overlooked yet highly effective option is the use of floor tiles. While floor tiles are used extensively inside buildings, these are only recently growing in popularity for outdoor patios and spaces, where they can be incredibly impactful. But what are the important considerations when choosing patterned tiles for outdoor spaces? And how can you ensure top class results?

What are the important considerations when choosing patterned tiles for outdoor spaces?

Patterned tiles can be highly effective for outdoor floor tiles, adding charm and character to your outdoor settings. Whether you are looking for intricate designs and detailed motifs, or you want something bolder or more contemporary, there is a wide range of choice available. This only makes selecting the right patterned tiles more difficult. As such, you should consider:

  • Choosing between large or small patterns
  • Choosing colours and design style

Size considerations

You probably know that different size tiles can have a big impact on the perception of a space, with larger floor tiles making a small space feel larger. However, you may not know that the same can apply to the size and style of patterns. Larger patterns, like larger tiles, tend to make a space feel more expansive, while intricate designs can add a cosy and intimate atmosphere. You can change the size of the pattern to complement the design and layout of your outdoor space, to create a visually balanced result. For example, you could reduce the size of the pattern around your seating area, to create a space that feels more intimate. 

Choosing the colours and style of your outdoor patterned tiles

One of the most important factors to consider is the colour of the tiles and patterns. Different colours and styles can bring different energies to the space, so it’s important to create something that complements your design style and is in line with the visual effect you want to create. For example, bold and vibrant patterns can inject energy and liveliness into the surroundings, while neutral or earthy tones create a soothing ambiance, ideal for relaxation areas. 

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