Considerations for patterned tiles in the bathroom

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When it comes to tiling, we are Preston’s leading experts, here at Tiles 2 Go. And we work with homeowners and property developers to choose the most effective tiles for the job. Whether its tiles for the conservatory floor, or for the hallway walls, we have something to suit any room, in any style. Including bathrooms. But would you use patterned tiles in the bathroom? And can patterned tiles be effective in any bathroom?

What are the important considerations for patterned tiles in the bathroom?

When choosing patterned tiles for your bathroom there are a number of considerations to think about. These include:

  • Where to use the tiles
  • The style of the room
  • The colour scheme

Where to use the tiles

Both floor tiles and wall tiles can be patterned. So you need to decide if you are looking to use patterned wall or floor tiles. And if you want to cover the whole space in patterned tiles, or just a particular area. Border tiles around the edges of the floor for example, can be very effective, while a full feature wall of patterned tiles can also be stunning.

The style of the room

Another thing to consider when choosing patterned tiles for the bathroom is the style of the room. Are you creating a contemporary bathroom? Or a traditional bathroom? Either way, you need to choose the patterned tiles that will match your style. This could be floral print for more traditional rooms, or geometric, abstract patterns for more contemporary designs.

The colour scheme

Finally, once you know where to use your tiles, and what style patterned tiles you need, you should consider the colour scheme. The patterned tiles you choose need to match the colour scheme of your room. Or you could choose patterned tiles in a contrasting colour to really make a statement.

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