As black kitchen cabinets are becoming increasingly popular, so too are red kitchen suites. Both of these colours are bold and eye catching, especially when compared to the plain white kitchen suite which has dominated for decades. And tiling a kitchen that uses a totally different colour scheme does mean that more attention will need to be paid to the tiling colours. So for a red kitchen, what colour tiles should you consider? Well, here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to choosing tiles for red kitchens.

Choosing tiles for red kitchens

Red cabinets in a contemporary kitchen can be incredibly stunning and add depth to your kitchen design. But the red needs to be paired with effective tiles, for this colour to really be effective in your kitchen. You could consider:

  • using white tiles
  • using neutral tile colours
  • using black tiles

Using white tiles

White wall tiles in a red kitchen can be very effective. The white wall tiles create a blank canvas for the rest of the kitchen to stand out, which will draw attention to the bold red cabinets.

Using neutral tile colours

Neutral tile colours, like pale greys and creams can be very effective for a red kitchen suite. This is because the pale colours do not clash with the vibrancy of the colour. Instead neutral tones can offer warmth and visual interest, while still creating a simple background.

Using black tiles

For a tiling feature or to create a dramatic effect in your kitchen, why not use black floor or wall tiles? These can darken your kitchen quite a lot, so this would only be truly effective in a kitchen with a lot of light. Otherwise the space will feel smaller and darker than it really is. However, in a kitchen with a good amount of light, a black and red kitchen combination can be stunning.

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