Conservatory floor tiling


When it comes to choosing tiles for your conservatory, there are a lot of decisions to be made. From the colour, to the style, to the more practical considerations, choosing conservatory floor tiling can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling professionals. And we make it our job, to help homeowners and property developers make the right tiling choices. This means staying up to date with all the latest tiling trends, styles and developments. As a result, we have produced this guide to help you choose the perfect conservatory floor tiling.

Conservatory floor tiling

When choosing conservatory floor tiling, it’s important to note that there are practical implications to what you should choose. Most notably, these include:

  • The durability of the tiles- if your conservatory gets a lot of use, and a lot of footfall, you’ll need incredibly durable tiles to withstand the constant movement. As a result, porcelain tiles will be more suitable for a busy conservatory, as they are more hard-wearing than ceramic tiles.
  • The colour of the tiles- the conservatory leads straight into your garden or outdoor space. And this means that mud and dirt can easily be traipsed across your conservatory. As a result, a dark tile colour can be more beneficial than white or cream.

But there are also stylistic choices too, including:

  • patterned tiles- suitable for both traditional and contemporary homes, patterned tiling in the conservatory can be extremely stylish and captivating
  • tiling layouts- if patterned tiles aren’t your cup of tie, add some interest to your tiling with a more unusual tiling layout. Herringbone layouts, or checkerboard layouts can be very effective in the conservatory.
  • Go natural- for a more natural themed conservatory, why not use timber effect or stone effect tiles? These mimic the natural materials incredibly well, but don’t require the same amount of maintenance.

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