Considerations for bathroom floor tiling

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Floor tiling in the bathroom is not just visually effective, this is also a practical option too. Floor tiles are naturally waterproof, which means they wont be damaged in the bathroom where they are likely to get wet frequently. They are also available in a wide range of styles and designs, to suit any interior design scheme, traditional or contemporary. But what are the important considerations for bathroom floor tiling?

What are the important considerations for bathroom floor tiling?

When tiling your bathroom floor there are a number of important considerations to bear in mind. These include:

  • Tile colour– the colour of the bathroom floor tiles can be a very important decision. This is because the floor of the bathroom is often the largest, uncovered space in the room and the colour you choose will need to be the perfect background colour for the room in general. Popular and effective colour choices include neutrals like beiges and creams, as well as blues and greys depending on your overall colour scheme. One thing to remember is that light colours will show up any stains or spills, and may need more cleaning to maintain the perfect visual result.
  • Tile texture- for bathroom floor tiling, you will probably need to avoid a high gloss finish, as this will probably have a very smooth surface. This can increase the risks associated with slips, trips and falls in the bathroom. On the other hand, textured tiles can offer increased friction, and can make the bathroom safer, especially in the shower area.
  • Tiling layout- the tiling layout is another important consideration for floor tiling. The right tiling layout can help your bathroom feel larger or wider than it really is, or can create a visual feature in your bathroom. Different tiles can also determine the tiling layout options available to you. For example, timber effect floor tiles are large format and can be installed in a brick bond layout to resemble real hardwood flooring. Square tiles on the other hand could have a grid layout, or a checkerboard effect.

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