Considerations for effective wetroom tiling


Installing a wetroom in your home can be a great option for many home owners. This is a luxurious style of bathroom, associated with a spa like feel, and as such, the wet room increases in popularity year on year. This involves keeping the entire space waterproof, as there is no shower tray, just a specific shower area that you can walk right into. As a result, the tiling is incredibly important for any wetroom. So what are the most important considerations for effective wetroom tiling? And how can you be sure to get the right results?

What are the important considerations for effective wetroom tiling?

There are several important considerations to bear in mind when choosing tiles for your wetroom. These include:

  • Tile material- porcelain tiles are a must for any wetroom. This is because they are more durable and hard-wearing than ceramic tiles, so they are less likely to crack or chip with prolonged use and heavy footfall. Also, unlike natural stone tiles, porcelain tiles will not need sealing or maintenance to stay 100 percent waterproof.
  • Drainage system- the drainage system you choose for your wetroom will also determine which type of tiles can be used. Ceramic tiles can only be used effectively with infill grills, while porcelain tiles can be used with any type of drainage option.
  • Tile size- using large, over-sized tiles can be a stylish choice for any wetroom, but smaller tiles, with more frequent grout lines, can be a more practical option for the floor tiling, as this will increase friction and reduce the chance of slips or falls.

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