Important considerations for installing porcelain tiles

Tiling DIY projects are often a constructive and effective way to transform your home. Not only can this help you learn some new skills, but your home will have a whole new look too. Porcelain tiles are the most popular tiling option for flooring in a home, as these are highly durable and hard wearing. But what are the important considerations for installing porcelain tiles? And how can you be sure to achieve the right result?

What are the most important considerations for installing porcelain tiles?

There are a number of important considerations to take into account when installing porcelain tiles. These include:

  • Planning the layout- planning the layout of the tiles is an important consideration as this can help to indicate how many tiles you need, and how they will fit into your space. Different layouts can have different visual results, and testing this design can help to ensure you get the best possible effect.
  • Cutting the tiles- cutting porcelain tiles is slightly more complicated than it is for ceramic tiles. This is because porcelain is a lot more hard-wearing and durable than ceramic. As a result, when cutting intricately around sockets, obstacles and pipework, you may need to use a diamond cutter. This is because you need to get the line of the cut perfect, without cracking the tile.
  • Sealing- polished porcelain tiles do need to be sealed after installation.This will help them stay water resistant and durable for the course of their life. Simply apply some coats of a polished porcelain and stone sealer to protect your tiling.

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