Considerations for large format tiles

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Large format tiles are increasing in popularity thanks to their versatile design and the striking visual effect these tiles can achieve. With fewer grout lines in a space, large format tiles can create the visual effect of continuous tiling, which can elevate any space, bathroom, kitchen or living room. But what are the important considerations for large format tiles? And how can you achieve the right results?

What are the important considerations for large format tiles?

If you are installing large format tiles in your home or property, there are a number of factors you should bear in mind. These include:

  • The width of the grout
  • Wall or floor tiles
  • The style of tile

Choosing the right grout width for large format tiles

If you are installing large format tiles there are a number of grout width options that can be effective. These include:

  • Wide grout lines- for large format tiles used in a large space, you can opt for wider than average grout lines. These can be used as part of the overall design, by using a contrasting grout colour that really stands out and accentuates the shape and design of the tiles themselves. Alternatively, you could use similar grout colour for a more subtle effect.
  • Fine grout lines- alternatively, another popular option is to use very fine grout lines between large format tiles, especially timber or stone effect tiles. This then creates the visual effect of an unbroken tiled space, which can be very effective in contemporary homes.

Large format tiles for walls or floors

Large format tiles can be used effectively to tile floor areas as well as wall areas. You can even use these on walls and floors within the same room effectively. However, for floor tiles you may need to choose tiles that are more hard-wearing an durable, like porcelain tiles, to avoid chips and cracks appearing. For wall tiles, you can opt for ceramic tiles, as these will not be walked over multiple times a day.

Choosing the right style of large format tile

Finally, large format tiles are available in a range of styles and designs. You can opt for timber effect large format tiles, that look just like real hardwood floors, or stone effect large format tiles for a solid stone finish. You can also opt for large format tiles in a range of shapes, including hexagons and squares. Choose the style of tile that will best suit your property and interior design scheme.

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