The bathroom is one of the most frequently used spaces in any home. And its somewhere your guests are likely to see too. So choosing the right tiling to create your bathroom space is important. And this includes considering the tile colours, as plain white rooms become less popular. For a sophisticated, elegant bathroom with a twist, you might have decided to use dark tiling colours. But what are the key considerations for using dark tiles in the bathroom? And how can you make sure your tiling colours are effective? Well, here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling professionals. From kitchens and bathrooms, to hallways and conservatories, we provide tiles suitable for every home, and every style. And this is our guide to everything you should know about using dark tiling colours in the bathroom.

What are the key considerations for using dark tiles in the bathroom?

So, if you want to use dark grey, black or any other dark colour (purples and blues are becoming increasingly popular) what should you bear in mind? Well, there are several things to consider, including:

  • Capture the contrast- with dark colours, creating contrast with the rest of the space often has a more dramatic and impactful effect. So tiling your whole bathroom black will not be as effective as using areas of contrast.
  • Small areas- following on from the above point, creating small areas for dark tiles can be very effective. Why not consider a dark feature wall, or dark border tiles. The dark tiling colours can draw attention to key features or bathroom zones. A black or dark grey shower quadrant for example can be stunning in an otherwise light or neutral bathroom.
  • Floor tiling- dark tiles in the bathroom can be effective for floor tiling. Pair these with lighter coloured wall tiles for a stunning and contemporary effect.

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