Create a mosaic feature

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If you’re thinking of a tiling feature for any room in your home, why not consider a mosaic? While traditional Greek/Roman mosaics might not be in style with your contemporary kitchen, the creation of a stylish, visual, mosaic piece, could be perfect. You don’t have to create a mural or a floral design with mosaic tiles, it can be completely abstract instead. In fact, there are a range of ways to use mosaic tiles, or to create a mosaic feature. So, as Preston’s leading tiling experts, here at Tiles 2 Go, we have produced this guide to all things mosaic.

Create a mosaic feature

Before you think about jumping into your mosaic feature, there are some key considerations you should think about. These include:

  • the style of your room- create a mosaic feature that will fit with your style. In a traditional kitchen or bathroom, traditional mosaic motifs will be a welcome addition that add the perfect finishing touch. However, in a contemporary space you should maybe consider geometry or abstract design instead.
  • the colour scheme- again, your mosaic design needs to fit with the room and the style you are opting for. This means that you should also use the right colours to get the right results. Choose colours that will compliment your room, and work well with the existing colour scheme.
  • size of the tiles- typically mosaic tiles are tiny fragments of tiles that are used together to create a larger image or piece of art. However, you can use slightly larger pieces and even some small tiles instead. This might be more suited to the style of your room.
  • the location of the feature- finally, you should plan where to install the new mosaic. Your mosaic will probably become a feature of your room or space, so you should think about using it somewhere it will get the most attention.

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