Creating an effective feature wall


If you want a room to really stand out, feature walls can be a great option. But it can require a lot of planning and design, before you launch into creation. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. As a result we have produced this guide to creating an effective feature wall.

Why create an effective feature wall?

A feature wall can be used to add style and personality to any room. Elegant and sophisticated, or fun, colourful and quirky, with a feature wall, you can really stamp your own idea onto your room.

In addition, a feature wall creates a focal point. So whether it’s a top of the range Aga, or a brand new shower enclosure, whatever you want to show off, a tiled feature wall can be the perfect way to draw attention and make a statement.

Creating an effective feature wall in the kitchen

In the kitchen, feature walls can either incorporate the splash back zone, or be completely separate. Either way, they compliment the rest of the design features in the room, while being different enough to stand out.

Subtle feature walls might simply change the shade of the tile to add a different colour to the room. This works well in contemporary monochrome kitchens, where the introduction of a white, black, or grey feature wall is incredibly effective.

On the other hand, you might decide to use a different tiling layout, as well as completely different tiles to create your feature wall. This can either match your splashback area, joining the two feature points, or be part of it.

Creating an effective feature wall in bathrooms

Within the bathroom, there are often more all tiles than kitchens. This is because the walls are not generally lined with cupboards. This means that there are more options for feature walls. They can be part of the splashback area around your sink, or they can be part of the shower enclosure or bath area. Alternatively, a feature wall could be completely separate.

Bathroom mosaics are still incredibly popular, even in contemporary bathrooms. However, contemporary mosaics often use colour and shape to create abstract patterns, rather than floral designs.

Alternatively, why not use hexagonal or triangle shaped tiles to really create something unusual in your bathroom? Whether it’s neutral or colourful, these shaped tiles are available in a range of sizes, formats and colours, suitable for all spaces.

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