Creating tiling colour gradients

Manhatten Gris Wall tile

While tiles are hard-wearing, durable and water-proof, the practicality of using tiles for walls and floors throughout the home is not the only advantage. Tiles can also bring style, colour and character to any property. In fact, using tiles to create a stunning feature wall could be the perfect option for a range of properties, both traditional and contemporary. And one way to create a tiling feature is to use colours. A colour gradient can be a great option. But what is this and what should you consider when creating tiling colour gradients?  Well, here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. We offer a range of tiles and tiling services to suit any project, and any budget. And this is our guide to everything you should know about tiling colour gradients.

What is a tiled colour gradient?

A tiled colour gradient involves using two starting colours that are close together on the colour wheel (i.e. yellow and orange, purple and blue, blue and green etc) as well as the different shades between these colours, to tile a wall. For example, a wall with a blue/green gradient could start with solid blue, moving into lighter shades, before alternating with pale green shades, moving to solid green. This can be achieved either horizontally or vertically.

This can also be achieved with white to lack gradients, involving some shades of grey.

What are the considerations for tiling colour gradients?

There are a number of things you should consider to ensure success, these include:

  • The colour scheme- Monochrome gradients can be particularly effective in white bathroom or kitchen suites, while colours can add more character and personality. Choose the right colours for your space, and the type of effect you want to create.
  • Solid or mixed- you can lay solid blocks of colour in an order (i.e. rich blue, pale blue, pale green, rich green) or you can intersperse colours as outlined above. Choose the style that will suit your home style and decor.

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