Deciding on a Tile Layout


How you lay out your tiles can determine the overall look and feel of a room in general. This may seem like an overly dramatic approach to tiles, but remember they will be covering your wall and floor space, a vast (in the visual sense) part of the room. Here at Tiles 2 Go we know how important it is to choose the most appropriate tile layout for your bathroom or kitchen, so this is our guide to the three most popular types.

The linear layout

One of the easiest to install and the most basic layouts for both floor and wall tiles is the linear tile layout. For this reason, it is incredibly popular throughout the world and its usability and versatility in any room, for any surface, makes it a real design classic. This kind of layout creates straight perpendicular and intersecting lines of grout and so it is easy to clean and takes less effort to re-grout than some tile layouts. The simple and clear line layout means that it doesn’t clash or compete with other patterns within the same room and so a linear floor tile would suit a bathroom with patterned wall tiles.

The diagonal layout

Similarly, to the linear layout, the diagonal layout is easy and simple to install, and maintains a clean finish with straight lines of grouting. However, with the diagonal layout, the tiles are laid at a 45-degree angle instead of a straight line, changing square tiles to diamonds and adding a more interesting visual dynamic. Again, the diagonal tile layout is perfectly suited for both floor and wall tiles. Interestingly, many interior decorators and professional property developers use this layout to help make a room look bigger and wider by giving the tile borders a wide angle.

The brick bond layout

Taking its name from brickwork, this layout is most commonly used with rectangular tiles and lines up the end of each tile with the centre of the tile below it. This is popular on backsplashes in kitchens and bathrooms, but is also equally as effective as a floor tile layout.

In summary

The linear, diagonal and brick bond layouts are some of the most popular and commonly used tile layouts in both kitchens and bathrooms. For a vast range of tiles why not check out our website at Tiles 2 Go today?