Design choices for outdoor tiling

Outdoor tiles can be the perfect option for pathways, patios and outdoor seating areas. Durable, resilient and visually attractive, these tiles can transform your space and garden, perfect for summer BBQs. But what are the effective design choices for outdoor tiling? And which option would best suit your space?

What are the effective design choices for outdoor tiling?

There are a number of different tile options and designs to choose from when it comes to outdoor tiling. These include:

  • Stone effect tiles- Stone effect tiles are a fantastic option for outdoor spaces, as these provide the timeless visual appeal of natural stone, without the need for extended maintenance. As stone effect tiles are available in a wide range of finishes and textures, these can artfully replicate the look of granite, limestone, slate, or sandstone to create the perfect visual feature for your patio or garden. 
  • Timber effect tiles- If you want to create the effect of wooden decking, timber effect tiles can be the perfect choice. These offer the warmth and natural beauty of wood, but gain without the heavy maintenance requirements. These tiles are designed to mimic the grain, texture, and color of real wood, providing an elegant and sophisticated look, while also being waterproof, insect resistant and incredibly durable. 
  • Patterned and decorative tiles- If you are looking for the right tiles to make a bold statement, patterned and decorative tiles can bring endless design possibilities. These tiles are available in a variety of designs, including geometric patterns, floral motifs, and intricate mosaics. These can be used to create focal points, accent areas, or even entire surfaces, adding a unique and personalised touch to any outdoor space.

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