Differences between ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles

Ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles may not be your first question when it comes to choosing tiles for a new project. However, the differences between the two are definitely worth knowing. At first glance, the two materials certainly seem similar, but the subtle differences can save you money, not to mention time and effort. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are tiling experts. This is our guide to the differences between ceramic and porcelain tiles.


Cheaper than porcelain, ceramic tiles are great if you are on a budget. They also work really well in most rooms, especially as wall tiles. However, in rooms that are regularly walked across, ceramic floor tiles are more likely to suffer. Cracks, chips, and scuffs appear more easily and more often on ceramic tiles. Ceramic floor tiles used in these kinds of areas will need replacing much faster than porcelain floor tiles. This means that although you saved money initially, you will have to send more on replacements.


Denser than ceramic tiles, porcelain is more hard wearing. This means that chips and cracks are much less likely than they are with ceramic tiles. In addition, if a porcelain tile does chip, it is not as obvious as it would be on a ceramic tile.

The density of porcelain tiles also means they are a lot less porous. This means that porcelain tiles can withstand damper conditions for longer, and will not let water through. This makes them the perfect choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

Ease of cutting

Tiling a room is never usually straightforward. With corners and obstacles such as sinks and toilets, tiles often need to be cut. So how do the two materials compare? For ease of cutting, ceramic is much easier. The clay used for ceramic tiles is much less dense. As a result, ceramic tiles are quicker and easier to decorate with.

In summary

The differences between porcelain and ceramic tiles are an important practical decision. Issues such as cost, density, and the ease of cutting are key things you should consider. At Tiles 2 Go we have an extensive range of tiles, suitable for every home. Take a look today.