Design options for floral patterned tiles

Floral patterned tiles have long been popular. But contrary to popular belief, these are not restricted to use only in traditional or rustic settings. In fact, there are also a variety of contemporary floral tile designs that can be a stunning feature in any modern home. But what are the most effective design options for floral patterned tiles in different spaces? And how can you be sure to achieve the right result?

What are the design options for floral patterned tiles?

There are a number of different options when it comes to floral patterned tiles, and these can suit a range of homes and design styles, from the most contemporary, to the most traditional. The different and effective design options include:

  • Traditional floral tiles- with intricate details, repeating patterns and traditional colours, these floral tiles are perfect for any traditional or period property, and can work well in any space, be it a conservatory, a hallway or a bathroom. Because of the heavily patterned nature of these tiles, you might want to consider using them for only a feature wall, or even as border tiles, especially in smaller spaces. This is because the heavily patterned effect can be overwhelming in small spaces.
  • Geometric floral tiles- geometric floral tiles use well defined geometric shapes to create floral or plant based patterns. These tend to connect together over several tiles, with only part of the design on each tile. Perfect for traditional and contemporary spaces alike, you can choose from a range of colour schemes and designs, to best suit the space you are creating. For traditional rooms and style, it can be a good idea to opt for the full colour range, while contemporary spaces may benefit from a black and white or grey colour scheme.
  • Plant print floral tiles- an emerging tile trend involves removing the flowers from this type of tile completely, and instead uses prints of foliage or leaves to create a stunning visual effect. This is very effective for contemporary spaces.

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