Different options for hallway tiling features

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Tiling a hallway is a practical decision that reduces the maintenance and upkeep required to keep your hallway looking clean and visually appealing. But the right tiles can bring more than practical benefits, as these can also make a dramatic visual impact. So what are the different options for hallway tiling features? And how can you be sure to achieve the right results for your hallway?

What are the different options for hallway tiling features?

There are a number of ways to create a stunning visual feature in your hallway, using tiles. These include:

  • Mosaic tiling- mosaic tiling isn’t just for traditional properties or designs. In fact, contemporary mosaic tiling can be a stunning addition to the most modern of homes. In the hallway, you should consider mosaic tiles that match your design theme, as well as the tiling colours. Bold and bright designs can make a strong statement, but subtle designs can be equally as captivating.
  • Geometric tiling- if mosaic tiling might be a little strong for the effect you want to achieve, why not try geometric tiling? Using tiles that are an unusual shape, like hexagonal tiling for example, can be a good way to add shapes to your hallway, but you could also opt for tiles with a geometric style pattern.
  • Victorian tiles- if your property is a Victorian period property, why not opt for Victorian patterned tiles? These can really capture the style and time of the property, as well as the character?
  • Border tiles- used either vertically or horizontally, border tiles create a bold visual divide between one part of the space and another. This can create a stunning visual feature in your hallway space, and really add character and personality.

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