Different trends for grid tiling


When it comes to tiling layouts and options, the grid tiling layout is one of the most popular tiling choices. Whether this is for the floor, or wall, for the kitchen or bathroom, or any other room in the home. But not all tiling features that use this layout are designed to be the same. In fact, there are a range of different trends for grid tiling. So what are these trends? And how can you use them effectively?

What are the different trends for grid tiling?

There are a number of different trends associated with grid tiling. These include:

  • Using grout colour to make a statement- whether you opt for a contrasting grout and tile colour, like black and white, or a more subtle grout colour, it is this that will make the square shape of the tiles stand out, and really draw attention to your tiles. This is often used for splashbacks, or feature walls.
  • Alternating tiling colours- another popular design trend involves alternating the tile colours themselves. Black and white combinations can be particularly striking, especially for contemporary design, while other colours like blue and grey, or white and red can be a stunning option for all kinds of rooms in the home. This works well in the hallway, for both floor and wall tiling too.
  • Using textured tiles- for areas where a subtle design feature could be more effective than a visual colour change, changing the tile texture is a popular choice. This involves using textured square tiles, instead of smooth, glossy tiles, and it can be very effective.

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