Do’s and don’ts of black and white tiling combinations

Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling professionals. From traditional and patterned tiles, to modern tiling and timber effect tiles, we offer something for every home. And this is our guide to everything you should know about black and white tiling combinations.

What are the important do’s and don’ts of black and white tiling combinations?

A classic colour combination, black and white interiors can be stylish, sophisticated, dramatic and bold, depending on the patterns and effect you create. So how can you be sure to create the right result? Well follow these simple do’s and don’ts:

Do choose a tiling layout that will suit your style

There are a number of different possible tiling layout options for black and white tiling combinations. Make sure you choose a tiling layout or pattern that will suit the style of the room you are trying to create. A herringbone tiling pattern for example can be stunning for a splash back in a traditional kitchen, while a more modular tiling layout with alternating black and white tiling can be incredibly stylish for contemporary floors.

Don’t mix and match

When combining black and white tiling it is important to choose a consistent design that will be effective for the whole room. Don’t be tempted to mix and match tiling layouts as the contrast between the black and white tiles is more than enough to create a dramatic and bold visual effect. Adding more contrasting features will simply overwhelm the space.

Do consider tile shape and size

Black and white tiling can be applied in a range of sizes from small modular tiles, to large format tiles, there are a variety of effective options available. Both black and white tiles are also available in different shape options including hexagonal tiles as well as more traditional rectangular and square options. As a result, you can be more creative with your black and white tiling than you might have first thought.

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