Effective wall tiling layout options

Herringbone tiling

If you’re wondering how to lay the tiles for your latest tiling project, you might be thinking about different tiling layout options. But how do you know you have chosen the right option? And how can you be sure your tiling layout will be effective? Well, here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. From tiling colour choices, to material choices, we help homeowners and property developers choose the right tiles, day in day out. As a result, we have produced this guide to the most effective tiling layout options for walls.

What are the most effective wall tiling layout options?

So what are your layout options when it comes to your tiling? Well, there are several, including:

  • the straight lay layout/the grid layout- this is the simplest tiling layout option. The tiles are simply installed one next to the other, in neat rows that match up horizontally and vertically. If you want to make this more interesting, you could consider using alternating colours, or a contrasting grout colour for more visual interest.
  • the brick bond layout- similar to the straight lay layout, the brick bond involves lining tiles side by side. However, for the row above, the tiles are positioned with the centre of the tile, above the join between two tiles below. Just like in a brick wall. This is a plain tiling layout, but it does offer more visual interest than straight lay.
  • the diagonal layout- this is essentially the same as the grid layout, but the tiles are turned at a 45 degree angle to give a unique and interesting effect.
  • the herringbone layout- using subway tiles, or rectangular tiles, the herringbone layout is more complicated, but it can create a stunning effect. This is created by tilting the tiles to a 45 degree angle, and this creates a fantastic zig zag like effect that can be effective for either walls or floors.
  • the honeycomb layout- this layout is created by using hexagonal tiles. The pattern looks just like honeycomb, and you can even use a contrasting grout colour to make the pattern stand out even further.

To find the perfect tiles for your tiling project, take a look at what we can offer today, here at Tiles 2 Go.