Tiling choices for small wetrooms

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 Wetrooms can be a practical and effective option for a range of bathroom spaces including small bathrooms, as these can make the most use of the space available. But what are the effective tiling choices for small wetrooms? And which tiling option should you choose?

What are the effective tiling choices for small wetrooms?

For your small wetroom, there are a number of different tiling options to choose from. These include:

  • Using large format tiles- large format tiles are tiles that have a larger size than average and as a result, require fewer grout lines. These can even be used to create a continuous tiling effect which is very visually appealing and effective. These tiles can also make a small space seem larger thanks to their larger size and the lack of grout lines. You should consider the colour and the style of these large format tiles to make sure that you achieve the right visual result for your space. A lighter colour can help brighten the space and achieve a lighter, more airy result.
  • Textured tiles- using textured tiles in a small wetroom space can be an effective option. This is because these will add visual interest to the space by creating pockets of visual contrast. Textured tiles can be used effectively on the floor or as a feature wall in a small wetroom. In addition, textured tiles can also be used to create a non-slip surface in the shower area, increasing safety in your wetroom. 
  • Patterned tiles- Patterned tiles can be a stylish and visually appealing option in any small wetroom space, as these can add a playful, personal and unique touch. Patterned tiles can be used effectively for both the floor and for wall tiling although in a small wetroom you may want to consider restricting any pattern to a smaller feature area or wall. This will draw attention to the space without being overwhelming in such a small room. 

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