An expert guide to tiling on a wooden surface: Top tips and tricks


Wood is naturally soft and flexible. As a result, tiling on a wooden surface can be a challenge. Especially as tiles need to be firm and sturdy, without flexing at all. However, here at Tiles 2 Go we are Preston’s tiling experts. As a result, we have produced this expert guide to tiling on a wooden surface.


Firstly, you will need to reduce your wooden floors flexibility. This is because tiles need a sturdy, non-movable surface otherwise they will chip or crack.

You can make your wooden surface more rigid by attaching tile backer board to the floor. This will firm up the wooden surface and is perfect for tiling onto.

How to attach the tile backer board:

  1. The thin tile backer board is designed to sit underneath tiles. It can stop water or movement from damaging the tiles.
  2. Once you have purchased the amount of backer-board you need, you can simply cut it to fit and lay it out. Then apply a fast acting adhesive to the back of the board and secure in place.
  3. When the backer-board has been attached into place, you should drill and screw it into the wooden flooring in several locations to make sure it is fully secure.
  4. It is important to make sure that your screws are flat and flush with the backer-board, otherwise your tiling surface will not be flat. Any ridges can cause imperfections in your tiling and lead to cracks, chips or breaks.

Now you can begin tiling

  1. Once the backer-board is secure, you can begin tiling in just the same way you would on a regular surface.
  2. Begin by finding the center of the room. Then layout a row of tiles making sure of any tiles that need to be cut to fit.
  3. Once you have cut the necessary tiles, you can mix the mortar. Always follow the manufacturers instructions.
  4. When mixed, apply the mortar and then apply the tiles.

On completion:

expert guide to tiling on a wooden surface

In summary

Tiling on a wooden surface involves some additional steps. However, it doesn’t have to be too complicated if you follow our guide. We hope our expert guide to tiling on a wooden surface was helpful. For more help or advice, or for inspiration for your own tiling project, visit us online or in store at Tiles 2 Go, Preston.