Are floor tiles better than lino?

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Flooring within your kitchen or bathroom leaves you with a difficult choice between lino or tiles, with each option providing a different range of benefits and challenges. Here at Tiles 2 Go, our 25 years of experience with tiles has led us to believe that ceramic or porcelain tiles are the best option for any kitchen and bathroom, and this article will outline why.


Laying lino is difficult. With bumps, wrinkles and trying to fit the lino tight against kitchen cupboards and bathroom fixtures, getting the lino to look perfect is challenging, but keeping it pristinely smooth is even more difficult. After a while lino will rise and bump in certain places, and if you have a washing machine or a sink leak, you run the risk of water damaging the lino, meaning you will have to replace the whole thing.
Tiles, on the other hand, while being more time consuming to lay and grout, will at least stay secured for years and provide a lot more water resistance than lino.


Tiles are stain resistant, so whatever gets dropped on your kitchen floor can easily be wiped up with no lasting damage. However, you can’t say the same for lino, which can become stained, especially lighter coloured lino’s. This would make tiles a more practical choice.

Having said that, both flooring types can suffer through prolonged use, as tiles can become chipped and lino can become ripped or torn. Chipping tiles, however, is much less common than ripping lino which can occur when installing new appliances or even hoovering the room.

While some high-end lino’s can provide an aesthetically pleasing effect, nothing can beat a stunning tiled floor. Over time, ceramic tiles maintain their visual appeal, unlike lino which is easily worn and stained, and can become ripped, torn and raised. A quick clean of your floor tiles will leave them looking fresh and new, while lino is more likely to look worn out.


In summary, tiles are more hardwearing, easier to maintain and generally look better. For all your tiling needs, contact us at Tiles 2 Go today.