If you’re looking to create a bathroom that has a traditional or rustic feel, you’ll need to choose the right tiles to match your style. But what type of tiles and tiling layouts can be a good fit for a traditional bathroom? And what kind of floor tiles should you take into consideration? Well, here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts, and we can offer something to suit every home, in every style, and at every price point. As a result, we have produced this guide to the floor tiles for traditional bathrooms.

Floor tiles for traditional bathrooms

So, what type of tiles should you choose to use when creating a traditional bathroom? Well, there are several tried and tested methods that are particularly effective, including:

  • Black and white- for Victorian themed traditional bathrooms black and white alternating floor tiles can be a visually stunning and effective option. Especially when paired with a white bathroom suite and white wall tiling, as well as a freestanding bath or a traditional style shower.
  • Herringbone tiling layout- for something more subtle, the herringbone tiling layout can be a good choice. This involves using rectangular tiles at 45 degree angles to create an attractive pattern. Use plain white tiles, or greys or blues to set the scene for a rustic or traditional bathroom.
  • Timber effect- rustic bathrooms are all about country charm. And nothing says country like natural materials including timber and stone. Timber effect floor tiles can be a great option for creating a traditional, rustic bathroom. Not only are these naturally waterproof and durable, they take considerably less maintenance than a real hardwood floor, without losing out on style.
  • Brick layout- using white subway tiles in a brick layout can give your bathroom a traditional charm and a unique style. This is effective for wall tiling, or a tiling feature in the shower or around the sink.

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