Floor Tiling Considerations


There are many practical advantages to floor tiles. These include the cleanliness, and the waterproof nature of tiles, as well as the ease of replacing broken or damaged tiles. However, there are also a range of considerations to take into account when it comes to floor tiles. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to floor tiling considerations.

Floor tiles

Floor tiles can create a stunning feature floor, strike a neutral balance, and set the tone of your room. The range of choices available for floor tiles is vast, and includes colour, texture, size and lighting.

floor tiling considerations

Tile colour

Matching your tile colour to the design of the room overall, is one of the most important floor tiling considerations. Will you compliment or contrast? Either way you can create a stunning flooring option.

Contrasting floor tiling can be used to create a feature floor, that can really make your room stand out.

In contrast, complementary floor tiling can be used to give the room a neutral and natural feel, that can set a standard background to any space.


In your kitchen or bathroom, lighting is an important consideration, that can have an impact on the floor tile choices you make.

In a kitchen with limited natural light, you may make the decision to use light coloured floor tiles with a glossy finish. The colour and the texture of the tiles will help the light be reflected, and can help to create a brighter and lighter space.

However, if lighting is not an issue for your tiling space, you will have a wider range of choices.

Tile size

The size of the tiles you choose is one of the important floor tiling considerations. This is because tiles that are too small can increase the number of grout lines, and make a space look unnecessarily busy or detailed. In contrast, large tiles can actually help the space feel larger as there will be less grout lines.

In summary

Floor tiling considerations include the tile size, the lighting options, and the tile colour. If you need professional advice to keep your renovation plans looking great, or if you are ready to begin tile shopping, why not contact Tiles 2 Go today? We are available online, or you can pop into our Preston based store.