Effective options for floral floor tiling


Floral patterned tiles are often a marmite issue, with homeowners either loving the design, or hating it. But it seems that more people must be loving the newer designs, as these have become a much more popular addition over the past year or so, with homeowners even opting for floral patterned floor tiles. So how can these be used effectively, and what are the most effective floral floor tiling options?

What are the most effective floral floor tiling options?

To make sure that your floral floor tiles are effective, and visually appealing, there are a number of things you should consider. These include:

  • The space itself- where you decide to apply floral floor tiles is the first thing to consider. For large open plan spaces like kitchens and living areas, floral patterned tiles can be overwhelming, creating patterns and designs that can even make you a little dizzy. As a result, these are most effectively used in smaller areas, like porches, hallways and even in small bathrooms or cloak rooms. If you do want to use floral patterned tiles in a large space, why not alternate these with plain tiles, or instead choose one area of the room to create a key tiling floor feature?
  • The floral design- another thing to consider is the floral design itself. You could opt for a highly traditional floral print design, which is a stunning fit for traditional and period properties. Or alternatively, you could for a more contemporary design, with a subtle floral pattern made from geometric shapes and designs. You should try and pair this design with the overall design style of your property.

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