Get your Grouting Right

Choosing your grout is more important than you might think and there are several things to think about in terms of grouting. Grout can change or alter the overall finished effect of your tiling, and when you’ve put time and effort into creating a specific effect you need to also put the time into choosing your grouting. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we know all there is to know about grouting and tiling so here is your guide to grouting choices.


Most people only think of the usual creamy colour of grout but there are more options. Depending on what style or visual effect you are hoping to create, your grouting choice can make or break your design.

White or cream coloured grout is the most common and looks great for a classic finish around light coloured tiles, adding to a clean and fresh design, perfect for those white bathroom or kitchen suites. However, white or cream can also be striking when used between black or dark coloured tiles, making quite a dramatic contrasting effect. The same can be said for grey or black grouting which looks elegant and great for dark tiles in a contemporary kitchen or bathroom, but around patterned or light coloured tiles, grey grout can be very dramatic, helping you to create a tile feature that will really wow in whatever space or room you’ve chosen.


The width of your grout is effected by many choices including your tiles. The tile size can mean that thin grout lines will not successfully bond the tiles together, and this is the same for tiles that have a particular edge style. For this reason, some tiles only tessellate well with a larger grouting width which will cover any irregularities. However, many other tiles are available that do not have such a specific grouting requirement, and thicker or thinner grout lines can help you achieve a range of different visual effects. For example, mosaic tiles have a thin grout line to bring out the colour and pattern of the tile so that visually the eye can overlook the grouting to see the bigger picture. In contrast, unusual shaped tiles may have slightly thicker than usual grout lines to draw attention to the individual tile and to help create a tile feature.

In summary

Grouting can really effect the visual appeal of your finished tiling feature. Choosing grout colour and grouting width to match your design is the best way to make sure that your tile feature stands out. Contact us at Tiles 2 Go today for a top range of tiles and grouting choices.