Getting Prepared for Tiling

Here at Tiles 2 Go, we know that tiling a room, wall, or floor is a demanding job. As a result, we’ve produced this handy guide. If you’re wondering how to be prepared for tiling projects, this guide is for you.


The first stage of any tiling project needs to be a paper design. This should show the layout of the tiles and look at the fixtures and fittings. As this can be easy to overlook, it is often one of the key reasons why tiling DIY goes wrong. Consequently, when you are mixing shapes, using an unusual layout, or aiming for a pattern, planning the design is crucial.


Once you have planned your layout, you can make sure you have the correct number of tiles. A few extra can also be handy in case of mistakes, especially when tiles need cutting to size.

Tiles aren’t the only equipment involved in a tiling job. You will also need to be prepared for tiling projects with the correct amount of adhesive and grout. Notably, this will vary depending on the size of your tiling space.

In addition, there are a range of tools you may need, these include:

prepared for tiling


Before tiling can commence, the surface will need to be clean, flat, and dry. This is necessary to help the adhesive stick, and make sure all your tiles are evenly and securely positioned. As a result, we recommend using a spirit level to ensure your surface is even before you begin.

In addition, your surface needs to be crack and hole free. This is because a weakness in the surface could be made worse during tiling. Repair any cracks or gaps before you begin.

Top tip

When tiling a floor, it’s a good idea to take off any doors that open inwards. This is because tiling can raise the level of the floor. As a result, the base of the door may need filing to fit.

In summary

Tiling can be a tricky job. Make your life easier by preparing these steps before you begin. For any help and advice, contact our friendly service at Tiles 2 Go today.