Gloss or Matt Tiles

When renovating or redecorating a bathroom, choosing the tiles used for bathroom walls can raise a series of questions including colour, size, shape, and texture. However, the finish of the bathroom tile is also an important element to consider and is often overlooked.

Finishes of bathroom tiles

There are two choices when it comes to the finishing of bathroom tiles, either gloss or matt, with gloss tiles being shiny and bright and matt tiles having a dull finish. Your choice of bathroom wall tile finish will depend on a range of factors including your own personal preference and the style of wall tile you have chosen, as some finishes will only be available with particular tile designs. Here at Tiles 2 Go we have a wealth of experience and a breadth of knowledge relating to all types of tile, and this is our guide to matt and gloss tiles.

Gloss tiles

Generally smooth and shiny, gloss tiles can brighten up any bathroom but they are particularly effective in small bathrooms with little to no natural light. This is because they provide a surface that reflects any light shining up on it and so bathroom tiles with a glossy finish can make a small bathroom seem larger and more airy than it really is.

Also, glossy bathroom wall tiles are easy to clean and can keep your bathroom looking fresh and bright, although they will show up any soap smudges or toothpaste smears and so will need cleaning regularly.

Matt tiles

Matt tiles will not make your bathroom look smaller but they will not reflect the light in the same way that gloss tiles will to make your bathroom appear larger. This makes matt tiles perfect for bathroom walls in bathrooms that are larger and have more space.

Matt tiles also don’t need to be cleaned as often as gloss tiles as they do not take as much maintenance to retain their “new look” and as a result can help to create a modern and natural look in any bathroom.

In summary, both matt tiles and gloss tiles can be a great choice for your bathroom walls. However, gloss tiles will be more suited to a smaller bathroom to reflect the light while matt tiles are perfectly suited for larger bathrooms or bathrooms with a natural scheme. For all your tiling needs contact us at Tiles 2 Go today.