The Grid pattern Tiling layout

When it comes to tiling layouts and ideas, we are the experts here at Tiles 2 Go. From hexagonal tiles, to diagonal or checkerboard tiling, we know our stuff. One of the tiling trends set to be popular for 2018 is the grid tiling layout. But what exactly is this tiling layout and how can it be used? Well, this is our guide to the grid pattern tiling layout.

What is the grid pattern?

Simply put, the grid pattern is a derivative of the straight lay tiling pattern. Made with only square tiles, used in their regular square position, the grid layout lines up square tiles alongside one another and directly above and below one another. This can be an extremely plain way to tile a room, but it provides a plain background for more patterned tiles to stand out on a feature wall or tiling border.

In addition, when a contrasting grout colour is applied, the square tiles appear to be sitting in a grid layout and their shape is really emphasized. This makes for an interesting and more uncommon tiling layout.

Using the grid pattern tiling layout

The grid pattern can suit a range of rooms, from the kitchen to the bathroom, as well as a range of styles, from the contemporary to the traditional. Some great ideas include:

Monochrome grid tiling- using glossy black tiles in your contemporary kitchen is quite a popular idea. Why not make you kitchen stand out by using white grout between these tiles? As a result, you will create a monochrome grid pattern that can be effective throughout the kitchen, not just for the feature wall or the splash-back area.

Pastels and lighter colours- If monochrome isn’t your thing, why not inject some colour with square pastel coloured tiles? Again, pair these with white grout and you have a stunning feature piece.

Traditional- If your kitchen or bathroom is more traditional, why not simply pair glossy white tiles with a slightly darker grout colour? This will maintain the gird effect, but the tiling will still suit your room and style as a whole?

Alternating colours- For a tiling feature that really stands out, why not consider mixing and matching colours? Use white grout to offset the different colours within the grid pattern, and your tiling will be a fun and contemporary feature for any kitchen or bathroom splash back.

To start your own tiling project, why not check out our range of tiles today, here at Tiles 2 Go?