Guide to Patterned Floor Tiles


One of the most popular tiling trends for 2017 is patterned floor tiles. With a constantly increasing range, from porcelain to ceramic, patterned floor tiles can liven up any room. But which patterns are best suited to which space? And how do you know which pattern will be effective? Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling store. As a result, we know which floor patterns really wow! Especially when teamed up with a great colour scheme. This is why we have produced this guide to patterned floor tiles.

guide to patterned floor tiles

Brightly patterned Tiles

Bright and colourful patterned floor tiles can be incredibly eye catching. They can be used across the whole of your room, drawing attention and picking out your colour scheme.

However, brightly patterned tiles are more effective as large format tiles, or smaller tiles that join to make larger patterns. This is because lots of tiles that are small and individually patterned, can make your floor space look too busy. As a result, your tiling might just skip the coveted vintage or chic phase and head straight into the territory of interior disaster!

On the other hand, if you want to use smaller patterned tiles for areas of your floor, such as around the edges or close to fixtures, bright patterns can be perfect for this role. The effectiveness of this technique increases greatly if your tiling matches your colour scheme.

If you are looking for a brightly coloured floor tile, why not take a look at our Nikea Matt Multi-coloured Floor Tile. This is perfect for all kinds of places within your home, including the hall, the kitchen and the bathroom.

Monochrome patterned Tiles

Black and white, or grey-scale, patterned floor tiles can bring elegance and sophistication to any room. Unlike coloured patterned floor tiles, monochrome tiles look amazing in any size. The smaller tiles with individual patterns don’t seem to have the same overwhelming effect that brightly coloured tiles do. This makes monochrome patterned tiles perfect for any space.

If you are searching for the perfect monochrome or grey pattern tile, check out our Nikea Matt or Nikea Gloss Grey tile. This is a stylish pattern that would suit any style, whether it’s contemporary or traditional.

In summary

Our guide to patterned floor tiles includes choosing between brightly coloured or monochrome tiles, while also deciding on the tile size and overall layout. If you need any help or advice, or if you are ready to choose some patterned floor tiles, visit us in Preston, or contact us for a sample.