Different options for Victorian tiling


While patterned tiles continue to be desirable for homeowners across the UK, Victorian patterned tiles are also increasing in popularity. From monochrome to floral, Victorian tiles can suite even the most contemporary of homes, as well as the traditional. Using Victorian tiles for hallway tiling has always been an effective design idea, but your Victorian tiles need not be restricted to simply the hallway. They can be stunning throughout the home. Here at Tiles 2 Go, we are Preston’s leading tiling experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to everything you should know about Victorian tiling.

Using Victorian tiling

Out of the full range of tiling choices available, why would Victorian tiling be top of the list? Well, there are several reasons why Victorian tiles are so popular:

⦁ They can match the age or period of your home perfectly which creates a much more authentic impression of your home

⦁ They can create a traditional twist to any contemporary home while suiting and complementing the contemporary theme

What are the different options for Victorian tiling?

From the bathroom to the kitchen, the hallway to the conservatory, Victorian tiles can be used effectively in a range of places to create a stunning effect. There are even a range of tile options available, including:

  • Monochrome Victorian tiling
  • Terracotta Victorian tiling
  • Floral Victorian tiling

Monochrome Victorian tiling

Victorian tiling in black and white is incredibly effective. Visually stunning, the monochrome Victorian tiling can suit a contemporary kitchen as well as a traditional bathroom. In fact, if laid in a checkerboard pattern, this can make the room look larger and wider than it really is.

Terracotta Victorian tiling

One of the most popular Victorian tiling colours was terracotta. This reddish patterned tile is incredibly warm and earthy, suiting not only a traditional kitchen floor, but also a hallway or conservatory too.

Floral Victorian Tiling

Furthermore, Victorian tiling is available in a floral design. This tiling trait uses tessellating tiles to create a larger overall pattern which can be incredibly effective. For small splash-backs in contemporary kitchens, to full traditional bathroom floors, floral Victorian tiling is a great option.

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